Loading gate booking system

Loading gate booking – traffic management system

A loading gate booking system is used to improve the quality and efficiency of service for partners who deliver goods to the Via 3L central warehouse in Estonia. The system allows partners to book a loading time in advance, which guarantees that their trucks will be unloaded at the specified time. This helps to reduce waiting times and save costs for both Via 3L and its partners.

To use the loading time booking system, partners must first create a user account. To do this, they can contact Via 3L customer service by sending request to email address klienditeenindus@via3l.eu.

Online booking at bron.via3l.ee

Once a partner has a user account in Entringo system, they can book a loading time by going to the online booking system at https://bron.via3l.ee website. They will need to select the date and time of their delivery, as well as the number of trucks they will be bringing.

When a partner arrives at the Via 3L central warehouse for their loading time, they will need to check in at the reception desk. They will then be directed to a loading bay where their trucks will be unloaded.

The loading time booking system is a valuable tool for Via 3L and its partners. It helps to improve the efficiency of the goods delivery process and saves time and money for everyone involved. Truck drivers do not have to wait in the queues.

Please watch the video how it works!

Booking guide

Bookings can be created in the earliest 3 hours in advance. You need to fill in vehicle number, arrival date and time.

When the truck reaches the warehouse gates, the vehicle licence plate has to be clean for automatic camera reading. Car stops before carrier gate and waits until the loading gate number is assigned. Follow the instructions on the  lane terminal screen. Automatic traffic management system is working on official opening hours of logistics centre.

While waiting on the arrival area, you should receive SMS text message with information , that you can drive to the loading dock.

Hand over the goods and documents.

After unloading drive to the exit gate, stop and wait until the automatic licence plate is detected by the camera system and the barrier gate opens. Leave the territory.

Loading gate booking system Laadimisaja broneerimine