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Via 3L Logistics is a group of third-party logistics companies in the Baltic States, founded and headquartered in Estonia. We provide a full range of international freight forwarding and warehouse logistics services.

We are passionate and pragmatic supply chain experts bridging the gap between manufacturers and consumers. 

We live at the age of high-tech development and even though it seems most of our life is digital, someone ought to take care of the logistics – physical infrastructure and movement from point A to B. 

Years of experience in supply chain, dedicated and motivated team, targeted investments to our partner network and of course to technology are the keys what makes us the partner of your choice! Reliable and able to deliver high quality logistics services with competitive pricing.  We deliver globally in all modes of transport, providing warehousing and distribution services, preparing the products for sales exactly how your customers expect to. Secure and shared data connections enable the visibility throughout the supply chain. 

We enable merchants, brand owners and producers to focus on their core business, supporting their reach to selected customers and markets, by providing reliable, cost efficient and sustainable logistics services.  

Through more than 20 years of history many world-known manufacturers, Scandinavian wholesale and retail companies, local exporters have entrusted their logistics to our dedicated teams. 

We operate full-service warehouses and local distribution networks in Tallinn, Riga, Kaunas, and Vilnius. The international freight forwarding team provides all modes of transport from road and air to global maritime and railroad transport.

Our team of 430 experts and professionals are keen to learn and adapt the operations to provide the highest possible service quality what our customers deserve. Working together is fun! We value teamwork and diversity; mutual trust and respect is integral part of our work environment.  

We love our planet and make sure to constantly search for greener and more sustainable options without compromising the service quality and competitive rates. 

We build synergy and efficiencies in supply chains.

Millions of products need to be delivered from production to the consumer every day.

By bundling similar service requirements of our customers in the same area and standardising common processes, we create synergies that enable cost savings and promote the goal of reducing the negative impact on the environment.

Years of experience, targeted investments in people, facilities, fleet and technology provide our customers with the fastest and most cost-effective route to selected markets, ensuring that products from around the world are available at the point of sale on time and in the desired quantity.

To balance changing demand and supply patterns and reduce unforeseen operating costs, we provide our customers with valuable analytics and advanced, secure data links.

Activity-based pricing enables customers to find inefficiencies and generate new profits.

Wide scope of services and three markets under one umbrella.

We have the capacity to support our customers in most aspects of their logistics needs, be it international freight forwarding, inventory management, warehousing, picking, and packing, local distribution, or the preparation of the goods for sales in respective markets. In Via3L Group although operating in three different countries and in four different companies, we have one common governance body. That way we enable unified processes, foster cross-border knowledge share and ease the contracting for our customers. 

We value relationships built on trust. Being in close contact with our customers, we are continuously improving our performance using a systematic, regular, and detailed business analysis. 

We foster a personal touch, value our employees’ contribution. 

We value people who are motivated to do their work well, who add value to our team and who contribute to a friendly and productive atmosphere in our office!


We excel within the international supply chains with domestic markets in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. 

Via 3L Logistics focuses on three core activities

We have built the knowledge, skills and capabilities to offer full scale logistics solutions across the industries with current experience in apparels, lubricants, construction materials, chemicals, forestry etc 


Via 3L also contributes to strengthening and promoting the business environment in Rae Parish, being a founding Member of the Rae companies Union (RAEEL).

RAEEL represents the common interests of the undertakings of Rae rural municipality and is a partner of the local government of Rae rural municipality in the development of the rural municipality.