environment and sustainability sustainable development

The climate and the impact of our actions on the environment are our two most important aspects of sustainability.
Open dialogue with our business customers and Baltic consumers is important to us so that we can develop our business. We take responsibility to local customers to organise the handling and logistics of goods for them in the best and sustainable way. To solve urgent problems, we have created a Customer Service phone, e-mail addresses, and Web forms.

Sustainability is the responsibility of all workers and is integrated into our entire business.
We support Community projects based on the needs of local people – such as the Estonian Food Bank.

Our sustainability work is based on our core values and vision.

We have developed behavioural guidelines that we use in our daily work:

  • Quality and sustainability policy
  • Sustainable development and environmental policy
  • Work environment and social responsibility policies
  • Personnel and development policy
  • Business ethics and purchasing policy

These are the main factors that our sustainable decisions can affect:

  • We support the transfer of consumer product packaging material to recyclable material. We collect and sort packaging in our central warehouse.
  • We direct the sorted packaging to the waste handler for recycling.
    100% of our business customers’ merchandise packaging will be reusable or recyclable by 2030.
  • We support promotion for products that have a lower footprint and CO2 impact on the environment
  • Consolidation of consignments for business customers and planning of sustainable freight circles
  • Our mission is to cause 0 damage to people, customers, employees and suppliers