We offer the industry specific logistic solutions to support our customers cross-border trade or inhouse logistic activities, if additional resources, expertise, or storage space is needed. In other words, your products, either for sales in respective markets or used as a components or subassemblies, will be safely stored, picked, and packed, and delivered to the destination just on time and with controlled costs. 

Years of experience and investment to technology enable the accurate and fast order fulfilment, what is vital for the success of every product sale.  

Your goods are safely stored in condition-controlled warehouses, and in excise, or customs regimes. 95 000 sqm of modern guarded facilities in best locations in Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, and Kaunas are equipped to offer multiple storage options from conventional rack storage to shelves and bin or bulk solutions.

EAN scanner technology along with custom built AX WMS system enables quick and accurate inbound and outbound operations. All physical transactions are traced via internal video surveillance. 

EDI integration will give full visibility of your goods movement from your suppliers to your customers. There is existing integration with major FMCG outlets in Baltics.


The RECEIPT of GOODS dependant on industry specifics consists of unloading the arrived cargo, followed by the verification of physical and documented volume and quality. Arrived transport units are marked with unique container ID for later movement tracking. All transactions are registered in warehousing management system and the products are transferred to assigned racking or bin locations. Deviations in received quantity or quality would be registered and communicated through predefined channels. 

Our warehousing processes enable batch-based inventory control and further movement tracking.  Once your goods have safely stored, we are continuously monitoring the stock accuracy both for efficient picking process and for adequate data of demand and supply planning.  


You, or your customers directly, regardless of the channel, can send the orders through pre-defined platform for the products stored in our warehouses, we pick the goods from its destined storage locations, assemble and pack appropriately, and despatch for the delivery according to agreed lead times. Dependant on the location we have also the JIT (just in time) Fulfilment capabilities. 

Our warehousing management system enables batch picking in FEFO (first expired first out), FIFO (first in first out) or LIFO (last in last out), whatever your customer requirement. 

Not just a delivery! How your customers orders are handled, and in what condition, and when the goods arrive to their door, either increase or decrease both the perceived or actual value of your product and may determine the success of your business. 

Having more than 20 years of experience from the supply chain management, we highly regard the fact and continuously test and measure the quality of our work through “delivered in full, on time” performance indicators, setting standards both for ourselves and to our sub suppliers for further service quality growth. 

Having actual people in customer service is nowadays an investment, what we believe is necessary to foster the positive customer experience. We can quickly tackle the delivery deviations, manage changed documentation flow if necessary, or direct non-standard service requirements further to operations.