Labelling and value added services

Labelling services

There are several regulative barriers with what the product owners need to consider when supplying consumer goods or alcohol products to destination markets. Product text labels, barcodes, deposit subjected packaging labelling as few examples. But no worries! We know the local rules and can detect and verify during inbound inspection if all requirements are met. In case additional marking is needed we have the experienced team to provide the service along with creating, printing, and labelling the needed markings.

Value-added services

Value added services let your company be more efficient by saving your time and money.

Co-Packing and Packaging – Depending on your customer or destination requirements, we can re-pallet or re-pack your products. For example, co-packing campaign packs, assembling special pallets for trade marketing events, replacing damaged or customer specific sales packages. 

Master-data maintenance – For proper supply chain analytics main logistic parameters – weight, volume m3, case and pallet count should be precise. We measure your products and keep the data accurate in systems, so all related parties can use the reports with full confidence. Our complex IT system allows you to manage all product related PIM (Product Information Management) data

Quality Inspection – Tests or visual inspection of product compliance based on pre-defined instructions can be performed so that fully functioning products will reach to your customers.

Configuration, Assembly of products – We assemble sales packages into full kits – for example adding the batteries for consumer electronics products or adjusting the products to comply with country specific configurations