If you need a bonded warehouse space for your dutiable goods such as alcohol, tobacco, or other commodities we are there for you! We as an excise warehouse principal hold all necessary licences to receive, storage, despatch and release the goods for a consumption. Suspending and releasing the taxes, maintaining related reporting, we guarantee the future tax liabilities on behalf of our customers, so you would be able to use the deferred tax payments according to actual sales in local markets.  

When your dutiable goods arrive to our excise warehouse we unload the goods, inspect, and identify the lot and batch numbers, verify quantity and quality of the goods, and prepare detailed report both for internal use and for governmental reporting. Arrived transport units get unique batch-based container ID for later inventory control, and further movement tracking. Once your goods have safely stored, we are continuously monitoring the stock accuracy both for efficient picking process and for adequate data of demand and supply planning.

To release the goods for consumption in respective markets our team of experts order the excise labels at the request of the product owner and performs the labelling work of excise stamps followed by the quality control. Excise stamps are handled and accounted with very strict procedures. The transport and storage both for excise stamps and goods in storage are covered by respective insurances. 

We are proud to be the excise warehouse service provider and partner to many world known spirits brands for more than 10 years now.

Excise taxes are indirect taxes on the sale or use of certain products, such as alcohol, tobacco and energy. The revenue from these taxes accrues entirely to the country to which they are paid.


Dependant on the location we hold the licence either ourselves or use close partners to provide the customs warehouse services for the goods movement coming or going outside of EU territory.  

Customs terminal and warehouse services include the customs clearance for import and export of goods, the extension of time limit for customs duties, the CMR formation of transport consignment notes, preparation of necessary reporting also Intrastat if necessary.

Our experts are there for our customers in case further consultation regarding the legal barriers is needed.