We offer our customers the service tailored to their needs, for all types of shipments there is a suitable solution. Time-critical shipments, high-value goods, fresh fish or fruit or even flowers are often transported by air.

Our team of professional enthusiasts will help you with flexible, customized transportation solutions to get your goods safely to their destination. We are dedicated to you, our customers, and ensure that we provide you with the best personalized service and quick responses to all your inquiries.

Via 3L Freight is a stable and trustworthy partner for many of our customers in all logistic matters. To serve you even better, we have established our own air freight team in early 2020. Urgent cargo, high-value cargo, a hiccup in production – there can be all kinds of reasons to choose air freight as the best transportation option. We transport air freight to and from most airports in the world. Last year, we transportated cargo to 75 countries. We offer both airport-to-airport and door-to-door services, no shipment is too small or too large for us. With the help of our partner network, we have a variety of options that help us provide you with the most cost-effective option and ensure on-time and safe delivery of your shipments.

In addition, we offer air charters to remote destinations or in situations where timing becomes critical. We also offer options for high or heavy/oversized cargo. Temperature controlled transport or transport of dangerous cargo causes no difficulties for us. Our freight is covered by freight forwarder’s liability insurance. We can arrange the custom clearance of your shipment and if necessary we can also assist with cargo insurance. 

Via 3L Freight is a member of WCA and PPL logistics networks which guarantees a solid network of agents covering the whole world.

Diana Väljak
Sales Director

Via 3L Freight Ltd

Martin Noorkõiv
Air freight, Seafreight, Railfreight
Department manager

Via 3L Freight Ltd

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