We provide transportation solutions for project cargo. Term “project cargo” describes heavy, large, complex or high value cargo.

Some shipments just do not fit on a standard trailer or container. Our team of professional enthusiasts helps you with a flexible customized transportation solutions to carry your heavy and oversized cargo safely to its final destination. We are dedicated to you, our customer, we make sure to offer the best personal service and quick responses to all your inquiries. 

The strength of our team lies in the many years of experience and the carefully developed worldwide partner network. Via 3L Freight is a member of WCA and PPL logistics networks which guarantees a solid network of agents covering the whole World.

We handle heavy worldwide oversized shipments using all possibilities by air, sea, rail or road. With the help of our partner network, we choose the most cost-effective options which keep handling activities to an absolute minimum in order to avoid damages. Our freight is covered by Freight forwarder’s liability insurance.

We can arrange the custom clearance of your shipment, cargo insurance, surveying services and load planning. 


Diana Väljak
Sales Director

Via 3L Freight Ltd

Martin Noorkõiv
Air freight, Seafreight, Railfreight
Department manager

Via 3L Freight Ltd

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