Road transport is a safe and efficient way of delivering goods to their destination.

In business, specialisation and focusing on competitive strengths are crucial in order to deliver success. In road freight our main areas of expertise are traffic between the Baltic countries and Finland, Scandinavia, Western Europe, the United Kingdom and Italy.  

We do not limit ourselves to traffic between our home country Estonia and the rest of the world. Instead, we also carry out exciting projects in cooperation with our customers. For example between Italy and Finland, Belgium and Sweden or Norway and Finland.

With our fleet of more than 200 trailers, we offer intermodal solutions for full and partial loads, both at ambient and controlled temperature. The transport of dangerous cargo (ADR) does not cause us any difficulties. All trailers are equipped with GPS fleet management and tracking systems. In addition, we have the most diverse fleet of trailers in the Baltics – tilt and temperature-controlled, double-decker and up to an internal height of more than three metres. Our freight is covered by CMR and freight forwarder’s liability insurance. To complement our trailer service, we offer intermodal solutions for cargo within Europe using 20”, 40” and 45” containers, as well as forwarding services to ensure that our regular customers receive an answer to all their transportation questions. 

We value relationships based on trust, and building such relations with all of our partners is our top priority. Together with our customer and supplier community, we are able to provide consolidated services that benefit everyone. We offer our customers the service tailored to their needs.

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