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Who are we?

Via3L Spedition OÜ was established in 2011 and offers international transport services and logistics solutions.
We understand the wishes of our customers and have set ourselves the goal of finding the perfect logistic scheme, thus saving both the customer time and money. We do our best to ensure that our customer always receives friendly, personal and professional service.

As a freight forwarder, Via3L Spedition is not only a freight carrier, but you can order freight forwarding services at all room temperatures. We help you with all the international transport of goods, from the choice of mode of transport and the assembly of the goods to document management and warehousing.

Our advantages are a good knowledge of transport logistics, a comprehensive range of additional logistics services, a network of good forwarding partners and an innovative multimodal transport network.


Our transport managers organize weekly transport of hundreds of trucks across Europe. We use our own cars as well as those of our partners for transportation. We carry both full and partial loads. We also provide transportation of ADR and temperature sensitive goods, domestic door-to-door transportation with tarpaulin and thermal trailers, and tailgate / van transport.

Important information about road transport:

The volume to weight ratio in road transport is 1 m3 = 333.33 kg
In the case of road transport, the liability of the carrier is up to 8.33 SDR per kg of gross weight
Dimensions of a regular awning: length 13.6 m, width 2.45 m and height 2.5 m
Usually the trailer can hold up to 33 Euro pallets or 26 FIN pallets

Road transport documents:

  • International Road Transport Consignment Note – CMR
    Goods manifest
  • Invoice or packing slip issued by the sender
  • Road transport is a safe and efficient way of transporting goods to their destination.


Air transport is best suited for urgent shipments.
Via3L Spedition OÜ is partnered with leading airlines from all over the world with extensive experience, so we can provide export and import transportation both within the continent and worldwide

Important information about air transport:

  • The volume to weight ratio in air transport is 1 m3 = 166.66 kg
  • In air transport, the carrier shall be liable up to 19.00 SDR per kg gross weight.

Air Transport Documents:

  • Air Waybill (AWB)
  • Goods manifest


We provide container shipments for full load and part loads (LCL / FCL). We have long-term experience in dealing with shipping lines, as a result of which we can offer a flexible attitude and competitive prices – sea transport in a way that suits you.

Important information about maritime transport:

The volume / weight ratio in maritime transport is 1 m3 = 1000 kg
In maritime transport, the liability of the carrier is up to 2.00 SDR per kg gross weight

Sea transport documents:

  • Maritime Consignment Note (B / L)
  • Goods manifest
  • Invoice and packing slip issued by the shipper

We also organize container shipments in Europe.


Full logistics services

To help you save time and effort, and to simplify the process of transporting goods, we offer many additional services in addition to freight forwarding. A logistics service that meets your transport needs.

Customs services:

We provide customs agent services that cover everything from printing declarations to customs clearance. We are able to provide our customer with convenient transportation service with fast customs clearance.

  • import, export) preparation of goods declarations;
  • entry declaration (SD) – an easy and fast way to bring goods across the customs frontier;
  • extension of the time limit for customs duties;
  • Formation of CMRs;
  • Filling of TIR carnet carnets, customs clearance;
  • customs consultancy for clients;
  • Preparation of Intrastat reports
  • customs terminal and warehouse services


We have freight forwarder and carrier liability insurance. All shipments are carried out in accordance with the provisions of the CMR Convention and the legislation in force in Estonia.

The liability of the freight forwarder is directly related to the gross weight of the goods carried. Under the general terms and conditions of ELEA, the freight forwarder is liable for a maximum of 8.33 SDRs per gross kilogram of damaged or lost goods.

For the transportation of more expensive goods, we recommend that you sign a separate cargo insurance contract to cover the risks of the carriage throughout the value of the goods. Ask for more information and quotation from our sales department.

Warehousing services

We provide freezing, refrigeration and standard temperature logistics and warehousing services on more than 60000 m² warehouse space (all temperatures).

Warehouse services include:

  • Inventory management
  • Reception of goods
  • Labeling and marking of goods
  • Storage of goods
  • Sales Order Management and Customer Service
  • Assembly of goods for dispatch
  • Issuing of goods for carriage
  • Excise warehouse

Information services

We provide access to our information systems so that the customer can keep track of their own merchandise transactions and, upon request, receive reports.

Billing service

The billing service simplifies billing with hundreds of different consignees.
The billing service includes:

  • Billing
  • Credit management
  • Carrying out credit risk
  • Archival services