Via 3L bought out minority shareholder of Via 3L Latvia and appointed new CEO

Posted by Kait Liinev

Via 3L OÜ bought out minority shareholder of its Latvian logistics operations Via 3L Latvia in the middle of January having full control over the company. It means that having company fully under our Group control allows us to develop it according to our Baltic plans to make it as strong as other Via 3L companies in Baltics. In order to fresh up Latvia business unit development even more, we hired Mr. Igors Jerasevs, the new Via 3L Latvia CEO from 20.01.2020. Igors has more than 10 years experience in logistics, finance and IT developments. We are convinced that he will be great leader to Via 3L Latvia and also gives valuable input into Via 3L Group development in Baltics.

Rainer Rohtla, CEO of Via 3L group