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We are the official logistics partner of the Rally Estonia stage of the FIA ​​World Rally Championship on September 4.-6. Within the framework of the cooperation, almost 40 truck sections will move goods to South Estonia and back with the necessary equipment for organizing the rally.

According to Rally Estonia director Urmo Aava, the organization of the rally requires the transportation of a large amount of goods and equipment to and from South Estonia. “Accuracy and punctuality are very important here, because most of our activities are related to logistics. In order for the order to run smoothly, we need a reliable logistics partner. We are pleased to announce that our logistics partner in the organization of the first stage of the Estonian World Rally Championship is Via 3L, with whom we have also had very good cooperation before, ”added Aava.

According to Rainer Rohtla, the head of Via 3L, organizing such an event is a great way for Estonia to stand out in the world. “Every event that finds such a broad coverage all over the world as the stage of the World Rally Championship is an opportunity for Estonia to stand out as a small country. It also places a great responsibility on Via 3L as the official logistics partner of the rally to ensure smooth logistics in a timely manner, being an important link in the event of a major event, ”said Rohtla.

Rally Estonia is the stage of the FIA ​​World Rally Championship taking place in Estonia for the first time. September on the roads of Tartu, Otepää, Elva, Kanepi and Kambja.