Nordnet and Via 3L have merged their chilled and frozen goods businesses in Estonia

Posted by Kait Liinev

Special temperature logistics company Nordnet and logistics company Via 3L have merged their businesses operating in special temperature (-18 and +2 to +6) logistics. Operations are continued under the trademark Nordnet.

Madis Laansalu, founder of Nordnet, explained that as a result of merging the two company’s chilled and frozen goods businesses, Nordnet will become the market leader in the frozen goods business with over 100,000 cubic metres of frozen goods space and the largest special temperature service contract volume in the market.  

“Merging Via 3L Estonia’s chilled and frozen goods business with Nordnet allows us to improve the level of the entire sector and ensure warehouse and logistics services with maximum cost efficiency and systematisation in the current market situation. This in turn allows us to provide even more sustainable and high-quality services to all of our clients”, added Laansalu.

Rainer Rohtla, CEO of Via 3L Group, added that merging Via 3L Estonia’s chilled and frozen goods business with Nordnet creates the best conditions for continued growth of the sector in the Estonian market.

“Merging the special temperature logistics business with Nordnet in Estonia allows us to jointly contribute to the development of the sector, and hopefully expand operations in special temperature business together in the future. Via 3L Group aims to become the largest independent provider of warehouse logistics services in the Baltics. Merging the Estonian chilled and frozen goods businesses with Nordnet is certainly a step in the right direction”, concluded Rohtla.
According to him, in recent years Nordnet has undergone remarkable business development and it has improved the quality of special temperature goods logistics service dramatically, which means that the merger is beneficial for the merged business units, their employees as well as all existing and future clients. 

“Nordnet places great importance on technology and its usage to optimise services and logistics. We constantly develop and improve the company’s work processes to improve the efficiency of supply chains”, explained Laansalu. He added that the solutions that have been created have helped minimise inefficiencies in the logistics sector and have facilitated the company’s growth and credibility.

“The merger process does not affect our clients’ everyday service”, assured Laansalu.  

As a result of the transaction, Via 3L will become a minority shareholder in Nordnet. The parties have not disclosed more specific details or the cost of the transaction.

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