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Via 3L Freight OÜ has concluded transport company liability insurance policy no. 3 / 641229, which is valid until March 19th 2022

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We make sure that your cargo arrives at its destination on time, undamaged for a reasonable price. In the event, that something happens to your cargo (damage or delay), we promise to manage your claim properly and in due time. We have a policy in place in order to standardise the most effective process of claim handling. Our company is well insured to ensure that your goods are safe during transport worldwide. Our freight forwarders liability insurance covers damages for all modes of transport: Road, Sea, Air, Railway up to 500 000 € per insurance case.

For carriages under Road waybill liability of the carrier is calculated in accordance with the provisions of CMR Convention, the general conditions of the Estonian Logistics and Freight Forwarding Association and applicable domestic legislation. Special limit for transports under Air waybill is 22 SDR per gross weight of lost / damaged cargo.

In case the value of your cargo exceeds to limits of our liability, we offer separate cargo insurance to make sure all risks are covered. Please contact us for more details: